There. Right on top, front and center. My email address. 

I bought this website a few years ago when I was trying to launch a voice over career. That tanked. Oh, boy, did it tank. It seemed my talents were best suited to narrate audiobooks for the deaf. (pause for smattering of giggles)

As a result, this site became pretty dormant for quite a while.


But not anymore.  Turns out I have free time and a website at my disposal.


Oh, it could be worse; I could own a tank.

Actually, this is a website dedicated to the fun and nostalgia of vintage electronics. It's a work in progress that will be updated every now-and-then when I have something interesting to share. 

There will also be links to my YouTube page, where I plan on uploading entertaining and informative videos. Some will be about fixing something, or a product review, or just something weird and science-fictionish. Oh, and some older voice over demos, just because I'm too damn pleased with them to drop 'em.

And when I have something of interest that doesn't lend itself to a video, it will be found here. Organized and easy to find, too. Yes, I'm quite the Felix Unger when it comes to organization. And if you didn't get that reference, you may want to have a Wikipedia tab open in your browser; there will be a lot of arcane references here, I assure you.

Oh, and that bit at the top about my email address; one thing that won't be on this website is a blog. You have an opinion about something here, email me. You have praise or criticism about my posts, email me. You have a suggestion for a future post, email me.  I refuse to deal with anonymous trolls, or referee arguments between bloggers. And if you write something really terrific, I'd like to post that and give you credit.

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